5 de outubro de 2010

“Lennon was right. And we are bigger than Jesus. We will be as big as the Beatles, if not bigger.”

I’m not sure if they are bigger than Beatles, but at least, they are the best for me. Two years ago, at the end of the day, I was curious to know more about a band called ‘Oasis’ when somebody showed me a music from them. ‘Wonderwall’ got me immediately. I can’t really explain what I felt when I listened that song, every note. I simply loved. Once, I compared it to an addiction because I couldn’t stop to listen to it. I had (and I still have) circa two hundred of songs in my mobile phone and I just wanted to listened ‘Wonderwall’.
However, as all of us know, I am a very curious person and I decided to know more about the band and to download more successes. Quickly I found something that never happened to me. Frequently, when I liked a song, I just liked a song or two from the group that composed it. With Oasis was different. Every single I listened, every single I loved. I just wanted to hear more and more.

As I was so interested, I ran to see the lyrics. You know, sometimes we loved a band and the lyrics are just awful, nonsense and ridiculous. For me a good band has to have amazing songs and lyrics. Immediately I discover that the poems behind were great. I also loved them to.

A special and curious thing also happened. When I went to London, the songs I was listening were all from Oasis. My favorites at the time were ‘Sad Song’, ‘Don’t look back in anger’, ‘Don’t go away’ and ‘Let there be loved’. Now, when I listen to all these hits, I remember London with more intensity. Impossible to forget when I was walking away in that beautiful parks and streets, when I was so close to Big Ben. So, I remember the best days of my life.

With an irreverent British look and very creative video clips, they not only conquered me, they also conquered the World. In 1994 Manchester won popularity and a very famous icon. Creators of the Brit Pop movement with the album ‘What’s the morning glory story’ and owners of the third more sold album in England (‘Definitely Maybe’) they have been making History with their story.

A large number of songs from Oasis are part of movies soundtracks. Films like ‘Butterfly Effect’ (one of my favorites) ended with amazing songs from this controversial and fantastic group. ‘Stop crying your heart out’ from ‘Heathen Chemistry’ was the chosen.

“Cause all of the stars

are fading away

Just try not to worry

you’ll see them some day

take what you need

and be on your way

and stop crying your heart out”

However, this single was also used in another type of circumstances. When the England World Selection of Football was defeated by Brazil in 2002, ‘Stop crying your heart out’ was there. It leads me to conclude (together with my own experience) that Oasis is the band of the moments. They are there, for the good and the bad ones.

Recently in 2008, Oasis published ‘Dig Out Your Soul’. This album was recorded in the studio where Beatles recorded the biggest part of their songs, what gives this CD a special meaning. The two singles of this album ‘The shock of the lightning’ and ‘I’m outta time’ are simply brilliant. They prove that, on the opposite of other bands, Oasis is not affected by the time; they are always there: the same voices, type of lyrics and inspiration. They are their: authentic and real.

On 28th August, Noel Gallagher abandoned the band. I was very sad because I was afraid as a possible end was eminent. It was public that Gallagher Brothers were always fighting and now it seemed very preoccupant. On 8th October (one day before my birthday), Liam finished all speculations in an interview for ‘The Times’. The end of Oasis was officially announced. I couldn’t believe in what I was reading and I’m still not. They are so great, how could they?

If I say I’m sad, I’m lying because I’m not. I believe, I truly believe that they will come back and say that it was a misunderstood. They may not come back this year or in the next one. But I’m hopeful they will come back one day. And I’m here, waiting.

Some months ago, ‘Live forever’ was considered the best song ever. It’s one of my favorites, I love it and now I just want to sing it because it says exactly how I feel about this situation.

“Maybe I just want to fly

I want to live, I don't want to die

Maybe I just want to breathe

Maybe I just don't believe

Maybe you're the same as me

We see things they'll never see

You and I are gonna live forever”

Oasis may not live forever, but their music will.

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Joana pinto disse...

pois acho que toda a gente odeia a rotina :S
adoro o teu blog *-*

jorgedalte disse...

Para mim os Beatles foram marcantes na história ao serem os precursores da musica moderna das grandes bandas etc. Eles marcaram toda uma geração irreverente na luta pelas liberdades, pelo seu lugar num mundo fechado. E o milagre aconteceu e musicas lindas foram escritas e tocadas, mas lembremos que eram outros tempos e não havia a tecnologia a apoiá-los.
Hoje toda a indústria da musica é computadorizada e levada à sua minúcia e os CDS vieram dar uma maior amplitude sonora.
Muitas outras bandas foram grandes nestes 40 anos desde o aparecimento dos Beatles. Ninguém é rei e muito menos Deuses. Cada época tem o seu som e novas tendências e como em tudo aparecem sempre novas caras que nos cantam e tocam coisas belas, escritas, sonhadas e sofridas ou mesmo explosivas. Os Oasis são também uma das minhas bandas preferidas com um currículo invejável e cada musica é um hino ao belo.
Mas infelizmente quando há génios há temperamentos dispares que normalmente acabam sempre por dar em saída e posteriormente ao acabar de um sonho.
Muitas vezes acontecem os retornos tanto a nível de bandas e cantores como até a tecnologias ditas retrógradas como os discos de vínil.
estes não tinha a sonoridade dos CDs, mas eram mais próximos da realidade
Muito poderia dizer-te sobre muitas bandas.
Gostei de ler o que escreveste, mas tive preguiça de escrever tudo isto em inglês
Gostei de ler e do teu blog


ana neves disse...

OASIS! muito obrigado $$:

ana neves disse...


ana neves disse...


Alice Matou-se disse...

Love them <3